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We have one goal: to provide unparalleled medical imaging in Michigan with expert diagnostics to help increase the quality of patient care. When you have more accurate imaging and spot-on radiology readings, you have a clearer picture of your health and what you need to recover.

patient500At M1 Imaging Center, centrally located in Berkley, Michigan to serve all of Metro Detroit (link to locations page), we engage best-in-class technology to discover the true cause of pain – so that you receive the right diagnosis from the start and get the treatment you deserve.. We work with referring physicians (link to providers page) including orthopedic surgeons, pain management and rehabilitation doctors, neurologists, neurosurgeons and chiropractors, as well as case managers, personal injury attorneys, sports teams and others interested in achieving the best in medical imaging; we also directly serve patients (link to patients page), who are their own best advocates.

Led by a board-certified musculoskeletal and neuroradiologist and a health administrator, M1 Imaging Center is your answer to the best MRI diagnostics in Michigan.

We specialize in:

  • Open MRI with 70 cm wide bore that allows up to 550 lbs
  • Weight-Bearing Simulation for L-Spine
  • Flexion + Extension for C-Spine
  • Traumatic Brain Injury + Susceptibility Weighted Imaging
  • High-field coils for Targeted Joint Imaging

You can’t get the right treatment if you can’t see the whole picture. Find out the real cause of your pain at M1 Imaging!

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