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HomeTown Pharmacy
Customer Satisfaction Rating: 4.8
Customer feedback:

HomeTown Pharmacy takes a long time to process the drive-thru, they never have coupons or other discounts applied to the order, in more than one occasion tried to mislead me about the coupons discounts I was using. I moved to the one in Louetta Rd, which is a bit better.

Worst customer service, especially the lady who was there today I went through the drive-thru, the girl tells me I have to get off not even 1 min. The lady says it’s closed so I tell her the just less than a minute the girl in the drive-thru told me to get off she basically ignored me and gave me her back…. got back to the drive-thru. Then the guy tells me to wait and go back around so he can help the other person behind me like wow very rude people and not organized at all, so now I have to drive to the other pharmacy just to get the medicine my daughter needs and her Nebulizer machine…. WORST EXPERIENCE EVER

Michigan Pharmacists Association
Customer Satisfaction Rating: 4.7
Customer feedback:

I used this pharmacy once a week ago, and honestly, my service was great. Today was different, the service I received was absolutely appalling. I had driven from Sealy back to Bellville, and prior to leaving Sealy had requested a prescription be transferred over from CVS after my daughter was seen at the urgent care. After arriving in Bellville, the transfer had still not been requested, and I politely came in to check on the status so that I would not have to get a sick child out into the cold weather again. The pharmacist behind the counter responded that I would have to wait a long time and kept repeating it out loud but not directly to me, so I walked over to the chair with my children and patiently waited. After waiting, I was told that it was ready, and I was bluntly told to sign, and while mid-sentence was interrupted by the cashier and told, thanks, bye. It’s amazing to go into a place and see that all the employees are friendly and social to literally everyone else that came through that door, but I couldn’t get the least bit of courtesy or respect despite me giving it to them. Maybe it’s that I walked in with my mixed child and offended someone, or maybe it was that I was on Medicaid, and someone felt that made me trash or beneath them. Either way, no one should be treated so rudely without cause.

Michigan Pharmacists Association is a very slow pharmacy. The prescription was sent in 5 hours ago, I arrive, and they said it would be a 15 min wait while they prepare it. I’ve been waiting an hour in the lobby watching other customers in line receive their prescriptions on the spot. Drive-thru seems to get the fastest service. At least I was promptly greeted by the man upfront when I walked in.

ViaQX Pharmacy
Customer Satisfaction Rating: 4.3
Customer feedback:

Me and my entire family have been coming to ViaQX for many years. Even when he moved from Antoine Drive we drive even further for good, personal, friendly care, even Robin, the pharmacist remembers my twins by name and me.

Brought an employee by for a walk-in prescription. They could see that he was in a decent amount of pain, and they moved his order to the front of the line. They took the time to explain and make sure he knew the directions and then reviewed his other meds with him to make sure no interactions. I know they are supposed to review, but most places usually just glance over the ‘any other meds’ question and don’t seem interested.

Nash Drugs
Customer Satisfaction Rating: 5.0
Customer feedback:

The girl working drive-thru tonight must be a m*r*n. Couldn’t/didn’t get my order right ughhh. It was too easy.

The worst customer service experience ever. I called due to my local CVS pharmacy not having my prescription. The doctor sent the prescription to Nash Drugs, and I didn’t have a physical slip. They basically said that they were busy right now and won’t be able to call my pharmacist right away. She had a terrible attitude. Then they proceeded to say that they are probably busy too and they might take a long time to answer. I called the CVS, and they answered within 1-2 mins. I sat in this pharmacy waiting for the area and noticed that they helped this other customer and went as far as to take the customer’s personal phone call to verify the information for about 10mins. All of this while I’ve been here waiting for them to give CVS a call. I don’t mind the wait, but I do mind the attitude. Everyone gets busy, and I’m sure they work hard, but this nasty attitude has to go. I will not be going back ever!